Tesla Model 3/Y Mud Flaps Carbon Fibre

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  • Durable and washable, this product gives your vehicle a tougher, more aggressive look and a nice rally feel.
  • Protect your vehicle from mud, dirt, snow, gravel and road salt, etc.
  • 3D precision mold opening, the curve is round and smooth, fit seamlessly, easy to install.
  • Our mud flaps are made of composite rubber and plastic material, which is a high-quality soft rubber board. The rubber content is large, the elasticity is large, the folding is resistant to freezing, the cracking is not easy, and the aging is anti-aging.
  • Our fenders are strong in ductility, wear-resistant and anti-collision, and are not easily deformed. Widening and thickening can better cover the sediment. Custom fits car splash guards protect the paint, beautiful and easy to clean.